Our work

We believe that our relationship with our clients should be a long term partnership. Here’s a small selection of our work. Some details we can share, some we can’t—because of the strict non-disclosure agreements we make with each of our clients—but please ask us if you have specific questions.

A Modern Participatory Budgeting System

For a National Government Ministry in Southeast Asia


This ministry wanted to build a new form of social platform to engage its citizens in constructive conversations around community challenges and opportunities. It also wanted to build a participatory budgeting platform in order to create a way for citizens to get involved in improving their communities online and have a say in determining budget allocations.


Plentyworks leads an experienced software team based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, providing the ministry with product and delivery management, software development, UI/UX design, content management, DevOps, and platform operations and management. Our team provides design, engineering, and support to ensure security, usability, and performance, as well as cross-platform user experience analytics and application performance monitoring.


The Plentyworks team has delivered two ready-to-scale, fully-functional, mobile-first web applications for the ministry to deploy and start improving the civic engagement and community life of its citizens. The apps, consolidated seamlessly on a single platform, allow citizens to have community conversations, propose new initiatives to improve their community, vote on proposals, and follow and get involved in their favorite initiatives.

“Uber” for Real Estate Diagnostics Services

For a Real Estate Diagnostics Agency in France


This old-school property diagnostics agency on the outskirts of Paris wanted to evolve their business for the 21st century. They wanted to build a platform that would allow their clients to book diagnostics completely online, match them with the appropriate diagnostician, and allow qualified diagnosticians to respond to client requests in real time, just like Uber. On top of that, they wanted real estate agencies to be able to win a commission from referring clients to the platform.


Plentyworks partnered closely with the agency’s founders to construct the perfect team, comprised of a product manager, a UI/UX designer, a software architect and database designer, a full-stack developer, and a frontend developer. This team, spread between Paris, France, and Colombo, Sri Lanka, provided product and delivery management, software development, UI/UX design, content management, DevOps, and platform operations and management. Our team built a full-scale, mobile-optimized web application, an Android and iOS app for diagnosticians, custom middleware and APIs for a sophisticated matching algorithm, and an admin panel allowing the agency to manage users, see activity on the platform in real time, and pay diagnosticians and agency partners.


The Plentyworks team delivered a full-scale, mobile-optimized web application allowing clients to schedule and pay for their property diagnostic appointment online in less than a minute. The system matches them with the right diagnostician using our sophisticated custom matching algorithm, taking into account their location, the time of the appointment, and the availability of diagnosticians. Diagnosticians use the mobile app to set their expertise and availabilities, respond to notifications from clients, and upload their diagnostics documents when they’re done. Agencies can even book diagnostics on behalf of their clients, and send clients the link to pay. The Plentyworks team has produced a user-focused UX, backed up by a highly maintainable and performant codebase that will allow this agency to digitize their business and increase their sales volume without a corresponding increase in coordination work.

An App to Discover Your Neighborhood Through Food

For a Small Early-Stage Startup in France


The founder of Deliciously.io had produced cookbooks and restaurant guides before, and now they wanted to create a fully digital experience for their fans and followers. They wanted to build a light, beautiful social app that would allow users to discover restaurants, cafes, and bars through the images and reviews of people they trust, starting with the founder herself.


Partnering with the founder, the Plentyworks team made this vision a reality. We provided product and delivery management, software development, content management, DevOps, and platform operations and management. Our small team built two mobile apps—for Android and iOS—natively, to achieve the best user experience. Plus, we created a set of APIs and an admin panel that allow the founder to manage users and add new places to the map.


The Plentyworks team delivered two full-scale, native mobile applications allowing users to discover restaurants around them, rate, review, and categorize places as they go, create their very own lists, and follow other users. Now, Deliciously has a growing community of users excited to discover and explore new great places to eat and drink.

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