🤳 We post in groups for you.

Without spamming. On Facebook, Reddit, Slack, Linkedin, Hacker News, Indiehackers, and more.

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Posting in groups is the secret to getting organic traffic from social media.

No matter what you’re selling, posting in groups can help you grow your email list, get eyeballs on your products, and boost sales.

But it’s impossible to automate. There’s no tool that can do it. So those who do it, do it manually. It takes forever. 

So here’s our proposition: You tell us what to post, and we post for you, regularly, in whatever groups you want.

We’ll post in groups on any social media platform: Facebook, Reddit, Slack, LinkedIn, Hacker News, Indiehackers, and more. 

Our intensive editing process ensures you never post spam.

We post under our own accounts or yours. You decide.

Are you ready to solve your organic content distribution problem once and for all?

1. Choose a plan

Decide how many groups you want to post in across Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, and more.

2. Approve your post(s)

Write your post and we’ll pass it through a strict no-spam editing process. Then, tell us what groups or group themes you want to post it in.

3. Watch the traffic roll in

People in those groups will start discovering you and engaging with you instantly.

🧐 How does it work?

1. Choose your plan and subscribe.

Decide how much you want to post. If you’re not satisfied with our service at any point in the first 30 days, just tell us and we’ll send your money back immediately.

2. Choose your groups.

Choose from groups we have access to already, or add groups not yet on our list. If we don’t already have access to a group you want to post in, give us 3 days to get access.

3. Send us your posts.

Send us the copy & image you want for each post. Best are summarizations of useful blog posts you’ve written. We’ll pass it through our intensive, strict no-spam editing process based on what we know works. We submit the final post to you for approval.

4. We post for you and report the results.

Get a full report of how many clicks, likes and comments each post got. Use this info to make better decisions about where to post in the future.

What’s the investment?

We have limited space, so reserve your spot now.

Starter Plan

Kickstart your traffic from groups.

$3.20 per post

20 posts per week
80 posts per month

$336 / month

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Kickstart your traffic from groups.

$4.20 per post

10 posts per week
40 posts per month

Get 100 to 1,000 new visitors per month


Get access to our comprehensive list of communities to post in

3 out of 5 sold

$168 / month



Pour some jet fuel in.

$3.60 per post

20 posts per week
80 posts per month

Get 400 to 10,000 new visitors per month


Get access to our comprehensive list of communities to post in

2 out of 3 sold

$288 / month


❤️ 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

It’s just like a 30-day free trial! If you’re unsatisfied with our service at any point within the first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll immediately refund you 100% of everything you’ve paid to us. Even if we’ve done the work already. That’s how strongly we believe you will love offloading your group posting to us!

🚀 Get your investment back multiple times over

With the only automatic way to get traffic from groups.

🥇 We’re trusted by top companies

💁‍♀️ You could do it yourself, but you probably won’t.

“It’s just a social media post, right?” Well…

First you have to write the post. Then you have to figure out the best time to post it. Then find the best groups to post in. Then you’ll get distracted by a support request or something else happening in your business. Then you won’t make that post after all. Then you won’t get traffic to your site, potential customers won’t find you, and you won’t get paid as much as you should be.

Our promise is simple: We check this critical but tedious task off your list, so you can concentrate on moving your business forward.

We built this to solve our own pain.

We were getting a lot of traffic by posting in groups on social media, but it was hard to keep up with. Plus it took forever to do all the manual reporting that’s necessary if you want to actually know whether you’re investing wisely.

So we built ourselves a solution: A streamlined system, executed by digital marketing experts, that yields consistent results. And now we’re making that system available to you!

Content doesn’t do anything without distribution. Let us solve your distribution problem.

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❓ Questions?

Just ask! Email us here.

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