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Posting in groups is the secret to getting organic traffic from social media.

No matter what you’re selling, posting in groups can help you grow your email list, get eyeballs on your products, and boost sales.

But it’s impossible to automate. There’s no tool that can do it. So those who do it, do it manually. It takes forever. 

So here’s our proposition: You tell us what to post, and we post for you, regularly, in whatever groups you want.

We’ll post in groups on any social media platform: Facebook, Reddit, Slack, LinkedIn, Hacker News, Indiehackers, and more. 

Our intensive editing process ensures you never post spam.

We post under our own accounts or yours. You decide.

Are you ready to solve your organic content distribution problem once and for all?

🧐 How does it work?

1. Choose your plan and subscribe.

Decide how much you want to post. If you’re not satisfied with our service at any point in the first 30 days, just tell us and we’ll send your money back immediately.

2. Choose your groups.

Choose from groups we have access to already, or add groups not yet on our list. If we don’t already have access to a group you want to post in, give us 3 days to get access.

3. Send us your posts.

Send us the copy & image you want for each post. Best are summarizations of useful blog posts you’ve written. We’ll pass it through our intensive, strict no-spam editing process based on what we know works. We submit the final post to you for approval.

4. We post for you and report the results.

Get a full report of how many clicks, likes and comments each post got. Use this info to make better decisions about where to post in the future.

❓ Questions?

Just ask! Email us here.

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